We are so blessed and grateful

for all of our family




Our Wedding Day~1978

this year ~ 2016 ~we will be Married 38 years!



 Aaron, Lucas, Ben and Dad 




Our son Aaron and daughter-in-law Amanda..

They had a perfect September day!

They planned there wedding at our house....It was beautiful! They even trusted me to make their

wedding cake.




Our son Aaron, Amanda and adorable grandsons

 Lucas and Jack


                                       (below) Being little stinkers here!


                                                                                                                        Ben, Jace and Aaron


Our son Jace and daughter-in-law Brenda. 

Just a gorgeous October wedding day!  It was such a beautiful wedding!  

They also trusted me to make their cake....

We are so lucky to have such sweet daughter-in-laws!



"I know our son Nathan was with us in spirit"

He is always with us, in our hearts forever




Our youngest son Ben and grandson Lucas




Two little Monkies Lucas and Jack






    Ben                                  Aaron                                  Jace




DSCN5467 (1500x1125).jpg?1377117705959



DSCN5471 (1500x1125).jpg?1407507595034



son Ben  (2012)

  Family Old Fashioned Horse-sleigh ride







 Lucas and his beautiful blue eyes


(she was 15yrs. 6m.) when

we lost her in 2015.~ we miss her so much! 




                                            Home Sweet home (Wisconsin)
                                       would not want to live anywhere else!



DSCN5384 (2500x1875) (1500x1125).jpg?140


                      Beautiful Snowfall-2012-behind our house (at night) it was so pretty

                                            had to take a picture!









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